Thursday, 12 April 2018

First Vascular Plant Meeting for 2018

Dear Botanists

It is usually a good plan to start our season of meetings with a woodland search. So, by kind permission of Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, we will visit Burrow Wood and other parts of the Charley Woods on Sunday, 15th April from 2 p.m. until approximately 5 p.m. We will park and meet in the Cat Hill Barn yard which is part of Rock Farm, LE12 9YB (by kind permission of Mr. Robert Moss). This is on the right at the end of a narrow lane which runs south from Charley Road at SK48361560 (2nd turning off Charley Road west of M1 bridge).

We hope to refind some of the county rarities as well as re-familiarising ourselves with the identification of some of the more common taxa after our memories have gathered the rust of a long winter. As well as making a record of all taxa found for inclusion in Atlas 2020 data, this meeting will give us time polish our ID skills including the challenge of identifying very young and very old material.

The meeting is suitable for beginners and more experienced botanists, and will be a fairly leisurely afternoon with plenty of time to discuss what we find.

Access is on public footpaths, but there will be some rougher exploring. Our planned route will be over a distance of perhaps a mile and will involve quite steep climbs and descents. As we have had a great deal of rain and quite a cold start to the season, it is likely to be muddy and slippery, but hopefully the worst of the cold and damp will be over.

Please note that there are no refreshment outlets or toilets available during this meeting.

If you would like more details or a lift, please phone Russell on 07594 302127 or Geoffrey on 07745 487766.

Geoffrey and Russell