Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Bryophyte Meeting at Charley Woods

Dear Botanists

There is a change of the date for the next bryophyte meeting which was planned for the 17th March. The meeting at Charley Wood will now be on Saturday 24th March, starting at 10am. We can park and meet in the yard of Rock Farm at SK47951509 which the farmer will kindly open for us in the morning. The Farm is situated to the east of Charley Wood and can be reached from Charley Road.

Charley Wood NR is adjacent to Charnwood Lodge NR at SK476147. It is made up of two woodlands, one of which is ancient woodland, and a field that is left unmanaged to allow natural regeneration of the woodland. The last survey was carried out in 1998 when many notable species were recorded, including several Charnwood Forest specialities, which we are trying to re-find.

These meetings are open to everyone with an interest in bryophytes. The field meetings take as long as weather conditions allow, so it is always best to bring a packed lunch. Apart from weatherproof clothes, it is useful to bring a hand lens (x10 or x20) and some paper packets or small containers for collecting specimens. The BBS field guide (Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland: a Field-guide, 2010) is very useful and can be downloaded from the BBS website.

If there is interest and we can agree on a date, we can have an indoor meeting in the following week. As you are now free next Saturday (!), you might want to go to Rachel Carter's workshop 'Introduction to Liverworts' on Saturday, 17 March 2018, at Pitsford Water Nature Reserve in Northamptonshire. There are still places free.

Apologies for not sticking to my original plans and I am hoping that some people are able to make it on the 24th. Please contact me (uta.hamzaoui@yahoo.de or 07852 682 790), if would like to take part, and to organise car sharing.

Uta Hamzaoui