Thursday, 24 December 2015

BSBI New Year Plant Hunt 2016

Plants in bloom at Glengarriff NR, Co. Cork
 during New Year Plant Hunt 2015
Image courtesy C. Heardman/Glengarriff NR
For the fifth consecutive year, you are cordially invited to take part in BSBI's New Year Plant Hunt, when we go out recording all the plants we can find in bloom over a three-hour period during the New Year holiday: 1st to 4th January. 

The rules are here and this is what is planned for VC55:

1. A New Year Plant Hunt in the city, following the same route as in previous years, so we can compare results. 

The 2013/4 Plant Hunt followed a warm autumn in VC55, similar to this year, and we recorded 66 wild or naturalised species in bloom. We tied with Cardiff for the highest number of plants recorded

James and the frozen nosegay,
New Year Plant Hunt in
Leicester, January 2015
Image: J. R. Clough 
Last January's Plant Hunt followed several weeks of severe weather and we only recorded 36 species in bloom. 
Can we retake the title this year? Maybe we can if you come along and help - here's the Doodle poll so you can vote on which date you would prefer for next month's New Year Plant Hunt.

2. Our County Recorder Dr Geoffrey Hall is thinking of leading a New Year Plant Hunt at a new location, possibly in Rutland. Sounds like fun! Details to follow.

3. We can once again accept multiple lists from within the two counties, so if you are doing a list in your parish, please send it through to  

Have a happy Christmas, botanists - hope to see you at the New Year Plant Hunt!

Posted by Louise.