Sunday, 29 March 2015

Field Meetings in 2015

Rutland Water Meeting 2014
The Meetings Calendar has now been updated to show our programme of field meetings in 2015. You can view the calendar on the VC55 webpage. Or, click on the link in the list underneath the photo at the top to download a copy. The site, date and contact for each meeting is given, but not all have a parking location indicated yet - these will be given in the mailing about the meeting, which we will send out nearer the date of the meeting. We thought it was important that you had the dates for your diary as soon as possible.
It is likely that there will be extra meetings throughout the year which will be added and Doodled to select a date, just as in previous years.

Something for later
As you can see from the programme, the emphasis this year is on recording under-recorded areas for the Atlas 2020 project. Most of the meetings are concerned with recording the monads that the BSBI have asked us to record, but there are some longer whole-day meetings and a joint meeting with the Warwickshire recorders, John and Monika Walton, to record a monad straddling the two county boundaries (Reminder: a monad is a 1km x 1km square).

The meetings are open to all: less experienced members and botanical beginners are welcome to attend all the meetings.

Looking forward to some good weather and to seeing you all again.

Geoffrey, Russell, Louise and Richard

Monday, 16 March 2015

Help wanted organising local meetings

As many of you may know, Uta has recently decided to take on the role of Bryophyte Recorder for Leicestershire & Rutland, and has arranged some field meetings for us this year. The demands of this role and increased responsibility in her work at the LRWT, mean that she is no longer able to continue helping to organise the local group meetings. Uta has done a great job and I'm sure that all of us would like to thank her for the effort that she has made for the group over the last seven years, and for giving us lots of tips about plant identification while we have been at field meetings.

The group needs someone to take over Uta's role and help organise the local meetings. It's not onerous work; there are a couple of planning meetings early in the year, plus occasional meetings throughout the season usally in the evening. You need to be able to attend some field meetings and be a contact for some of them, but you don't need to be an expert botanist (don't worry!). As the majority of our communications are electronic, you need to have a reliable email address, and if you are keen, you can learn how to use the group's web account. If you are interested in helping, then please email Geoffrey or speak to him, Louise or Russell when you next see us.