Wednesday, 31 December 2014

VC55 group and New Year Plant Hunt 2015: Part One

Will we find this plant in flower on Sunday?
Image: C. Ferguson-Smyth
Thanks to everybody who voted in the Doodle poll for their preferred date for this year's New Year Plant Hunt in VC55. 

14 of you have voted for us to go out at noon on Sunday 4th January. 

Lovely to see that John and Monika, VC Recorders for Warks, will be joining us, and so will our Secret Weapon from last year: Brian "Eagle Eyes" Laney is coming over for the afternoon! 

Many other local groups are going out recording tomorrow and Friday - you can follow how they get on here and here and here.

See you on Sunday at the end of Soar Lane, postcode LE3 5DE, grid ref SK 579 048.

Happy New Year, botanists :-)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

New Year Plant Hunt 2015

Last year's Plant Hunt team
Image: L. Marsh
This year's BSBI New Year Plant Hunt, where we try to find as many wild plants in flower as possible within a three-hour period, starts on 1st January. Last year, it was a dead heat with the Leicester team and Tim Rich's team in Cardiff both finding 63 species. 

Tim is not accepting records from individuals around the county - we have to record in one group. The city centre route we took last year worked well so I suggest we again start at the end of Soar Lane, Leicester, near the Rally Bank at grid ref SK 579 048 and work our way past some brownfield sites to All Saints Church.

Lamium purpureum in flower last New Year
Image: T. Havenith
So, here is the Doodle poll so that you can see where to park and vote on which of the four days you would like us to go out Plant Hunting this New Year. 

More info about this year's Plant Hunt here and about last year's here on the BSBI News & Views page, where national results will be reported as they come in. Last year we had records from across Britain - it's interesting to compare which plants are in bloom where, and see how this changes across the years. 

You can also vote now for the second local group meeting of 2015 - a talk by Ian Denholm who is both BSBI's President and one of two Orchid Referees. His talk is called 'From orchids to agriculture and back again' and he has offered us a choice of dates so please vote here on this Doodle poll for which one you prefer.