Friday, 3 January 2014

Tim Rich comments on recording naturalised plants.

Many thanks to Plant Hunt co-ordinator Tim Rich, who responded to our query about recording naturalised plants in Maggie's wildlife garden with this comment - cut and pasted verbatim:  

The herb garden in Maggie's wildlife garden, Knighton
Image: M. Frankum
"With all recording, you have to ask what does the information tell you.  Plants naturalising in a wildlife garden is not very surprising; if it was in my garden and I had planted it originally I wouldn't record them, or we would have lots of rare hawkweeds and extinct species like Bromus interruptus, Filago gallica etc recorded for Cardiff.

As records get copied, summarised and stripped of original details they are bound to get misinterpreted in the future as being naturalised.

"The information that is useful is to know is what was sown originally so if they spread outside the garden locally (despite tidy neighbours) you know the source.  So record them and keep the details until you need to explain other records, but don't put them in distribution databases." 

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