Friday, 29 November 2013

VC55 botany courses promoted at Natural History Museum.

We offered posters on both of our local botany courses at the BSBI's Annual Exhibition Meeting, held last Saturday at the NHM in London.

There was a lot of interest in both Botany for Beginners - which will run again next year, and we are already taking names for the waiting list - and also the Plant ID course for intermediate level botanists.

192 botanists from Britain and Ireland were at the Exhibition Meeting, and one - John Akeroyd, (photo on left) - was at University with Richard Gornall. So he was glad to see what Richard is doing these days - teaching botany to all of us!

We are going to put as many of the AEM posters and presentations as possible up on the Meetings page of the BSBI website, so watch out for them.