Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Next Field Meeting

This week, we will be continuing recording the plants in the monads requested by the BSBI, by recording in an urban monad at Barwell and Earl Shilton, SP4597. Urban areas are a major habitat in modern Britain and can yield some unexpected finds. They are often species-rich and we usually record more species than we do in a monad in the countryside, and not just non-native species or garden escapes either. The area contains a stream and some roadside grasslands, and there should be a lot of ruderal 'weeds' and street trees to identify.

Meet on Saturday 4 June at 10:30 a.m. at the entrance to Newlands Primary School on Moore Road at SP452974. Please park in the adjacent streets, taking care not to block any entrances. We plan to survey the monad, finishing around 3:30 p.m. at the latest.

The meeting is suitable for both beginners and experienced botanists, and it should be a fairly leisurely day with plenty of time to show and discuss what we find. You're welcome to stay with us for as long as you wish, and to leave at any time, provided you tell us when you go. Please bring sunscreen, rain gear etc. to suit the weather, and lunch and a drink, if staying all day.

If you would like more details or to arrange car-sharing, please phone me on 0774 548 7766.


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