Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Joint Field Meeting

The next field meeting will be held Saturday 8 August at 2 p.m. For this meeting have teamed up with the Warwickshire Flora Group (VC38) and will be doing a joint survey of tetrad SP5379, Shawell-Tripontium, which straddles the two vice-county boundaries. We'll spend half the time recording in VC38 and half in VC55.

There are several interesting habitats on the site; disused gravel workings, arable fields, roadside verges (including the M6 which may yield some surprises) and a dismantled railway cutting, which yielded a lot of calcicole flora when surveyed earlier in the year at Shawell.

Meet in Newton Lane, just south of the A5, at SP532799.

Site Meeting Details If you would like more details or to arrange car-sharing, please email or phone me: contact details are in the group field meetings document on the menu bar.

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