Friday, 29 May 2015

Monad Recording Meeting at Withcote

Our third meeting this year recording plants in the under-recorded monads that the BSBI have asked us to look at will be held on Wednesday 3rd June from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. The meeting is suitable for both beginners and experienced botanists and we will stay until it is too dark to record and then go to a local pub.

Challenging cover crop plants!

We will be recording in SK8005 at Withcote, between Owston and Launde Park Woods. This monad is mostly pasture and arable fields with hedgerows, ponds and a stream. The focus will be on arable field margins, grasslands and old hedgerows which may have some interesting species and challenging cover crop plants.

Hedgerow ground flora
Meet in the wide layby on the bend in the road from Tilton to Braunston (Oakham Road/The Wisp) at SK808059. Please ensure that you park so as not obstruct the entrances to adjacent fields. If the layby is full, the verge opposite can be used, but be careful, as the bend in the road has fast traffic. If you would like more details or to arrange car-sharing, please email or phone me: contact details are in the group field meetings document on the menu bar.


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