Friday, 16 January 2015

Talk by BSBI President: Orchids to Agriculture and Back Again.

Dactylorhiza kerryensis in Co. Kerry, Ireland
Image: I. Denholm
Ian Denholm is coming to Leicester on Saturday 24th January to offer us a talk entitled 'From Orchids to Agriculture and Back Again'. Many thanks to 22 of you who voted in this Doodle poll for your favourite date. 

There is still lots of space in the Coach House at University of Leicester Botanic Garden, where we are holding the event, starting at 2pm, and we have lots of chairs (!) so even if you didn't vote in the poll, you are very welcome to come along anyway.

Ian gave this talk for the first time to the Shropshire Botanical Society last month. Wasn't it kind of him to do a practice run before he heads over to Leicester with the polished article ;-) Apparently the Shropshire botanists enjoyed a quiz as well, so Ian is trying to get that for us too.    

Ian is one of BSBI's two Orchid Referees, as well as BSBI President. You may have seen a paper by Prof Richard Bateman, the other Orchid Referee, in the current issue of New Journal of Botany. This is BSBI's members-only scientific journal.

Ian (left) & Richard hunting for Orchids on the Burren
Image courtesy R. Bateman
If you haven't seen the Bateman paper (or even if you have!) then you may enjoy this review by Ryan Clark, the Co-ordinator of BSBI's New Year Plant Hunt.

Ian and Richard have taken many orchid-hunting trips across Britain and especially Ireland over the years, during which I gather Guinness has also been sampled. We are hoping that Ian will spill the beans on how his and Richard's work on both these areas of research is progressing. 

See you at 2pm at the Coach House for Ian's talk - we'll break up around 4-4.30 and head off to buy our eminent speaker a pie and a pint before he heads back to Hertfordshire - hope you will all join us in the Cradock!

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