Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Recording in 2015

Attention VC55 Botanists!

Uta & botanists ready to record at Charity Fields, Desford

You may have heard that the BSBI has a major project underway: to record the vegetation of Britain and Ireland for a new Atlas by 2020. This means that there are only five seasons left to do the recording needed. 

While a lot of recording has taken place since 2000, about 140 tetrads (2km x 2km squares) are still under-recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland, so there is still a fair amount of the county left to cover. This is where you can all help by adopting a tetrad!

Russell & Sara show us how to tell our ferns apart!
We'd like as many of you as possible to take on one tetrad (or more!) and record it for the Atlas. It's not as daunting as it sounds! There will be a field meeting to show you what to do and if you don't feel up to taking on a tetrad on your own this year, you can team up with somebody else (i.e. a more experienced botanist) and survey together. 

And there will be some support on offer, as we hope to produce some local keys for difficult groups, and have training sessions, as needed.

If you want to know more about recording for the Atlas, there's some info on the BSBI website and we'd like to invite you to a meeting on Monday March 2nd at the Coach House in the Botanic Garden at 7 p.m. Refreshments will be available and you can find out which tetrads we hope to survey this year and how you can get involved.

Geoffrey leading a Conifer ID session at the Botanic Garden
We are still putting together this year's field meetings programme and will be including some more general meetings, but this year's focus will be very much about recording for the new Atlas. We hope you will all have a go and Adopt a Tetrad!

Geoffrey, Louise, Uta and Russell

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