Thursday, 1 January 2015

Eyebright ID Workshops in VC55.

An Eyebright, but which one?
Image: C. Metherell
If you would like to improve your skills in identifying Euphrasia spp. (Eyebrights) then this is your chance - especially if you either enjoyed, or were unsuccessful in getting a place on, the 45 minute taster session at the BSBI Annual Exhibition Meeting

Chris Metherell is currently writing a new BSBI Handbook on Euphrasia. He has been speaking about his progress and trying out his ID keys at national BSBI events like the AEM. 

He is now moving on to all-day sessions, just 3 across England to start with, and we are very lucky that Chris has offered a session in VC55.

In fact so many of you have already expressed an interest that he is coming down from Durham, where he's based, for the 20th and 21st of January to give us two bites of the cherry! 

Chris in the Herbarium, Univ. Leicester
Image: L. Marsh
If you would like to request a space, please email us asap at and we can book you in. Please specify if you would prefer one or other of the two dates and we'll try to accommodate you. 

To whet your appetites, you can download the AEM Eyebright presentations given by Chris, Fred & Alex from this page on the BSBI website. 

Even better, you can also download all but one of the other AEM presentations - I'm still chasing the last one! My New Year's resolution is to get the complete the set uploaded for you ;-) 

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