Saturday, 7 June 2014

Next meeting: Old Dalby

Here are the details for our next VC55 meeting, arranged once again by Uta, who says:

"This meeting will be at Old Dalby, in an underrecorderd area of the county at the border with Notts. I don't know the area at all and chose the tetrad on the attached map where the footpaths seem to cross different habitats such as parkland, woodland and fields. And the village.

Meeting is at 6.30pm at SK67372357 by the church. 

Please use doodle if you would like to come and to organise car sharing".

To access the map Uta mentions, go to and type in the grid reference for the meeting. 

No mention of which pub to visit afterwards, for that all-important debrief and examination of specimens over a pint, but I understand there are some nice ones in the area. Hope to see you on Wednesday!

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