Monday, 26 May 2014

Volunteering opportunity for botanists

Working on specimens
Image courtesy of Birmingham Museums Trust
Alex Nicholson-Evans, Volunteer Development Officer for Birmingham Museums Trust, has been in touch with details of an interesting opportunity.

Alex says "I’m on the look out for some volunteers to join a unique project with us, working on our botany collections at the Museums Collections Centre in Birmingham for a few months. It’s a one day a week role just until September, but it’s a really special chance to get hands-on time with our 50,000 botanical specimens! 

One of the storerooms
Image courtesy of Birmingham Museums Trust
"I’m trying to get the word out to specialists and people with a real interest, in the hope we can find someone who will really get a lot out of the role, as well as helping us with a pretty sizeable project! The successful applicant will be working solely on the botany collection, unless they particularly enjoy the work and want to stay on beyond September!"

You can see details of the role on their website and I've uploaded the role profile and application form to the VC55 Google Drive page - just click on the links. Many thanks to Alex for also sending the images shown here.
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