Thursday, 8 May 2014

VC55 group is off on a jaunt!

Uta has been liaising with the lovely Tim Pankhurst to arrange a rare visit for the group outside the county. So if you would like to see some of the iconic Breckland plants in the company of possibly the botanist who knows them best, please use this Doodle poll to register your interest in coming to Thetford Heath (Breckland) on 1st June. Once we know who wants to go, we can sort out car-sharing and lifts.

Petrorhagia prolifera
Image: J. Crellin
Uta says: "The Breckland is a unique landscape of sandy unstable heaths with continental climate and calcareous flora, and is one of the three most important botanical “hotspots” in England. Tim Pankhurst (Plantlife Regional Conservation Manager) has kindly offered to lead us to areas where Plantlife is carrying out a management and research project to restore and maintain populations of rare Breckland plant specialities such as Silene otites Spanish catchfly, Petrorhagia prolifera Proliferous pink  and Medicago minima Bur medick, to name but a few. Detailed information is provided on the Plantlife website.
Assembly point: Cranwich Camp (Car park at TL775 941 on north side of road).

The meeting starts at 11 and we will need at least 2 hours to get there. So, Uta suggests leaving at about 8.30 from Leicester. I'm not sure if Tim will put a limit on how many of us can attend - he may not realise that there are almost 300 of us in the local group! - so please register quickly if you are interested. We may have to operate a first-come, first-served, policy if everybody wants to come!

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