Saturday, 24 May 2014

Muston Meadows Green-winged orchid count

Steve shows us where to go!
Image: L. Marsh
We repeated the Green-winged orchid count at Muston Meadows NNR on Wednesday 21st May. 

Five members of the BSBI VC55 group, including Chris Hill from LRWT, joined Steve Hall and Roger Briggs (Natural England) to survey four fields on the reserve. Steve and Roger brought their clickers with them. Which was nice. Many thanks to them both for inviting us to do the count for the second year.

You could see the pattern of the 'ridge and furrow' and we surveyed by each walking along the top of a ridge and noting what was growing on it and in the adjacent furrow. 

From left: Meadow Buttercup, GWO, Russell and clicker.
Image: L. Marsh
Cue lots of pointing and calls of "you have that patch, I'll take this one" "did you see that one there in the grass?" etc.

Although we did the count at the same time of year as in 2013, the grass was a lot longer this time and the orchids more advanced.

But you just want to know the grand total, don't you? So you can compare it with last year

Drum-roll please....

Chris displays the grand total: 26,081 flowering spikes
Image: S. Hall
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Unknown said...

...and now the fields have been ploughed up and barley put in. I am told by Natural England that this decision was the farmer's and that it was at the farmer's 'discretion' that the fields would no longer be a National Nature Reserve - how can that be?