Monday, 7 April 2014

One impulse from a vernal wood...

Peering at the Paris in Great Merrible
A nice walk around Great Merrible Wood yesterday and our first meeting of the year focused on vascular plants. Nine of us turned out and were delighted to see the first Wood Anemones in bloom and Bluebells coming along nicely. 

We didn't fill in a recording card, as Andy Lear had surveyed the site thoroughly and recently, so we just concentrated on getting our eye in with some woodland ferns and grasses. 

Geoffrey gets mycological!
Geoffrey led the walk and brought along Andy's species list and the compartment map which was very helpful. Despite the vascular plant focus, Geoffrey's inner mycologist was revealed every time we spotted Scarlet Elfcups or King Alfred's cakes! 

Russell was first to spot some Herb Paris and we talked about its distribution across the country. Zoom into the map to see where Herb Paris is recorded in VC55. 

At Dimminsdale last month
Ivan has also sent in his list of lichen records from Dimminsdale  and Uta has scheduled a visit to Burley Wood for Saturday 26th April. 

This is now in the group's calendar and Uta says: "We are meeting at 2pm at SK892093. This is on a grass verge on the north side of the A606 from Oakham to Stamford, which is a very busy road and people have to be very cautious when parking". For carsharing and indicating participation here is the doodle. Many thanks to Phil Rudkin of RNHS for his help in arranging landowner access.

The next meeting I am leading is to Knighton Spinney this weekend, so please vote in the Doodle poll if you would like to come. 
Ivan talks us through Physcia ID. Again!

If you would like to suggest and/or lead a meeting for the local group, email us at and we can help you set up a Doodle poll, add your event to the calendar and share details here on the Blog. 

Posted by Louise and pix are all mine this time, sorry!

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But who was 'Dusty Bin'?

BSBI VC55 said...

Bit who was Dusty Bin' who signed the doodle poll?

BSBI VC55 said...

We closed our eyes and counted to ten but when we opened them, Dusty had not appeared. What had we done to deserve this? No Pet Shop Boys either, shame.