Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Final total of plants in flower in VC55?

Viola arvensis naturalised in graveyard
Highcross, Leicester
Image: R. Bijalwan
It looks as though our VC55 records are all in now - but please note that, due to bad weather in some parts of the country, the Plant Hunt organisers have extended the deadline - final day to get out and record is now Sunday 5th January. But max 3 hours in field per recorder please, or else our results will not be comparable with other counties.

So in VC55, as well as the 63 species we recorded on Sunday in Leicester (Soar Lane/Highcross area and the old Wolsey Sock Factory) we have the following records:

From Russell in Stoneygate/Evington: Calendula officinalis, Helleborus foetidus, Meconopsis cambrica, Erigeron karvinskianus and Primula x polyantha

The veg plot in Maggie's wildlife garden, Knighton
Image: M. Frankum
From Jack in Barlestone/Bosworth: most species also seen by main group but one addition from Jack's second foray, completing his 3 hours in the field. He saw Typha sp. but I haven't yet received the photo/specimen. We are all being strict about this - as on our local meetings, it's not enough for one of us to think they've seen something - either several of us agree in-situ or we take a specimen and/or a photo.   

So current total is still 68.

But what do we think about the plants Maggie (in Knighton) is finding naturalised around her wildlife garden? 

Urban plants often seen through wire netting!
Image: R. Bijalwan
She recorded Primrose, Green Alkanet, Wild Strawberry and Comfrey in flower, and has pressed some specimens and scanned them into a document with some notes. I've uploaded this to the VC55 Google page so you can all see it. It's called Maggie's plants in flower list for 30.12.2013. VC55 SK596014

So, do we have 68 wild or naturalised plants in flower for the New Year's Plant Hunt, or 72 in total? Over to you - please leave a comment or email us at

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