Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Year's Plant Hunt has started!

Silene dioica Red Campion
Image: J. Riggall
Some botanists just can't wait... Jack Riggall is home from Cheshire for the hols and not only has he been out looking for plants in flower in the Barlestone area, he's also typed them up on a spreadsheet and sent us the photos! 

Jack is building up his ID skills - he joined the Botany for Beginners course last summer - and he's already advanced enough to;
a) know what he doesn't know, 
Unknown species #1
Image: J. Riggall
Unknown species #2
Image: J. Riggall
b) know how valuable the support of his fellow botanists can be, and
c) know that yellow dandelion/daisy type things are extra tricky.

So, included in Jack's pix are two plants he isn't quite sure about - want to offer him some suggestions? Click on images to enlarge them. Leave a comment below or email me at the usual address. 

Jack intends to go back out tomorrow, and a few of us will be in town - meeting at 12.30 in the car park outside cement works at end of Soar Lane, near new Wildlife Trust HQ. Hope you can join us, or else let us know what you are seeing in flower in your neighbourhood. 

The rules for the Plant Hunt are here and you can email me photos or attach them to Tweets and send .to @BSBIbotany.



Dawn Nelson said...

1. looks like a Crepis bu tnot sure which. 2. could be Sonchus oreraceus

Dawn Nelson said...

1. looks like a Crepis but not sure which. 2. could be Sonchus oreraceus

BSBI VC55 said...

Dawn - thanks for commenting after your successful Plant Hunt with Tim and Ceri. So for Crepis, Jack would need to look at phyllaries - are they in two rows? - and for Sonchus, he'd need to look at the ligules. Rounded ligules = a Sochus beginning with 'a' - asper or arvensis. But if those ligules are pointy...

Jack Riggall said...

Thanks for the comment Dawn; you were right about Sonchus oleraceus and the first photo is indeed a Crepis sp., though I honestly don't know which! Didn't have my trusty guide with me.