Friday, 27 December 2013

New Year's Day Plant Hunt 2014: the details.

Thanks to all of you who voted and emailed me about the New Year's Day Plant Hunt. We will carry out our survey on Sunday 29th December, starting at 12.30. Assemble in the small car park at the end of Soar Lane, just before the Rally Bank Nature Reserve - grid ref looks like SK 579 048. Phone me if you can't see us. Weather forecast looks good for Sunday.

If you are recording in your own neighbourhood, rather than joining the city survey, please follow the rules here and send your records to us here for collation - we'll send VC55 records to Co-ordinator Tim Rich all at once to minimise his workload! If you are recording outside Leics & Rutland, please contact your County Recorder direct. 

We plan to use the new BSBI Twitter account to hook up with all the other BSBI botanists around the country planning to record for the New Year's Day Hunt. So - if you are on Twitter - please tweet to me @BSBIbotany and attach some selfies of you with the plants you are seeing in flower. 

Happy New Year from Louise :-)

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