Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hunt the Samolus

Looking up old records for Samolus valerandi (Brookweed) in the 1988 Flora of Leics, Uta found that it was recorded in 1972, growing in a "marsh at canal margin near Pywell's Lock" between Wistow and Kibworth.  

Uta says "the Samolus could be in flower now" so she suggests that we go out this weekend and see if we can refind it at Pywell's Lock. We will also, of course, record any other plants we find, but here is our prime target, as photographed by Geoffrey in the Outer Hebrides last summer: 

According to Mike's Flora, Samolus valerandi is rare in VC55, with records from only 14 localities. Click here for the Doodle link so you can vote on your preferred day and start time, and can see where to park and assemble. If you need a lift, please leave a comment on the Doodle poll and we will try to help - we always try to car-share when we go out recording.

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