Friday, 11 October 2013

Videos for botanists

BSBI wins Best Stand 2013 (Conservation) at Birdfair
Image: L. Marsh
 Here is a link to a rather nice short video about plant collections at Kew. Anyone who has visited the Herbarium at Leicester will be interested to see what a Herbarium looks like when you apply some serious money to it. 

Just think what Richard Gornall, Curator of the Herbarium at the University of Leicester (LTR), could do with an equally juicy cash injection...  

The video is very slick and professional with some eye-catching graphics - I love the plant silhouettes that flutter over the Herbarium cabinets (another item for the LTR wishlist!).

VC55 members arriving at Charity Fields, Desford;
Nick Crowley tells us about the site's history.
 Image: L. Marsh
Compare Kew's offering with the BSBI's short video here, filmed on our award-winning stand at this year's Birdfair by a professional team for Birdfair TV. No fancy graphics, but you can see the plant displays that won us the Best Stand Award (Conservation). 

The video also features a big plug for the VC55 group from BSBI's President, Ian Denholm. He says we are a good example of a local BSBI group! But you may want to fast forward for some of the video - there's a really annoying curly-haired old bat wittering on about outreach...  
Herbarium volunteers show Botany for Beginners
 students what we do in the Herbarium
Image: L. Marsh

Or compare with the New Journal of Botany video: interview with Richard G, shot by me on a point-and-shoot camera on a budget of absolutely nothing. Great content (ok, I would say that!) but as for production values... still, worth a look. Richard brightens up towards the end of the video, once he realises the ordeal is nearly over. Watch our reluctant media star here, and hear him praise the volunteers who help in the Herbarium.  

I spotted the link to the Kew video on the BSBI (Irish Section) Facebook page here. Some nice things on their page! The main BSBI Facebook page also has mystery plant photos for you to try and ID, links to events and... posts by an annoying old bat wittering on about outreach. Sorry! 

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