Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Old orchard survey at Aylestone Meadows

Hi botanists

The weather forecast for this weekend is good, so how about joining us on a field visit to survey a derelict orchard at Aylestone Meadows? 

Helen O'Brien (Leicester City Council Nature Conservation Officer) and Aylestone Meadows Appreciation Society are considering a project to regenerate this site as a community orchard, so they'd like to know what is actually there. We can ID some fruit trees and hopefully help ourselves to some free plums and apples. 

Here's the Doodle link  http://doodle.com/vrp4n86cemt3psck for more info, parking details, grid ref, and so you can vote on your preferred date and start time.
NB: A majority of you have now voted to start the meeting at noon on Saturday, so hope to see you then.  

And here is the link to the Wildlife Trust's recent report on Aylestone Meadows - note how many BSBI members were involved with the survey work!

The orchard is in a corner of the meadows which we have never visited before, so let's see what's there, grab some free fruit and maybe head to the Black Horse in Aylestone for a pint after? 

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