Friday, 28 June 2013

Rutland Water Nature Reserve Bioblitz

As you may know, a Bioblitz will be held at Rutland Water Nature Reserve again this July. The format will be slightly different to last year – the event will run from 12 noon on Saturday 6th July to 12 noon on Saturday 7th July. The organisers hope this will ensure that there is good weather for at least part of the 24 hour period.
The new format has allow the event to be divided into two distinct parts:
 Science Saturday
Saturday afternoon will be given over entirely to wildlife recording. Recorders with a specific area of expertise are encouraged, but everyone is welcome! There will be access to the whole reserve, including areas not usually open to the public. All you will need to do is to register on arrival and then report your sightings before you leave. As last year, there will be a species totaliser in the Education Room at the Birdwatching Centre to keep track of what’s been recorded. Geoffrey will be there in the afternoon.
In addition, Rachel Ibbotson (LRWT) will be running childrens’ activities for Wildlife Watch members and there will be a guided bat walk (and hopefully moth trapping) in the evening.
Public Sunday
A series of guided walks and events will be run on Sunday morning that need to be pre-booked. If you would prefer to simply come and do some more recording on Sunday, then that would be great. Louise and Russell will be there on Sunday, if you'd like some excellent company. (LM: Thanks Geoffrey! We hope to go over on Saturday evening too - if we are not too tired after the Botany for Beginners field session that we are leading that day!) 
More information can be found here, if you'd like to go. And who knows, maybe you'll find another first record for Leicestershire and Rutland, like the Frog Rush (Juncus ranarius) that turned up in 2011!

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